Sunday, July 19, 2009

wah! very long time didnt update. last wk (10/7/09) bbq celebrate my bro bdae at ecp.

boring days.

yesterday my plan really cockup! i was really at d verge of crying wen my mum force me to jb. not dat i dont wana go but mama know very well i m going out. i've been planning n looking forward the whole week to see him n its been ruin. yes i get to meet him but both of us in totally bad mood. it was a terribleday for me. n him.

seriously, i've dont want to HOPE, BELIEVE & TRUST wateva i plan. EVEN in getting marry,i dont want to. so wat. i dont even bother wateva ppl comment bout me nmore. THEY dont know wats lyk to be ME.


Saturday, July 4, 2009

it's hard to make people understand my boyfriend. esp mama. i know he's fat. i know people wants me to ask him to lose weight. i've been doing that. telling him nicely, BEGGING him. end up who gets the scolding back? ME!!! mama urging me. bf pissing me. damned it! forever i be stuck in the middle.

AND boyfriend always has his own mind & dat people wun understand. so wen ppl thinks his negative side of him, it hurts me coz thats so not true.

Nevertheless, i love him. THAT is for sure...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

noe wat? after i post my blog, my bf msg saying 'SAYANG U ALWAYS'. i told u my bf always have this 6th sense wen i'm down. Aaarrrgghhh! how can i not be angry with him? my heart just melt. he told me he will try his level best to bring me to watch TRANSFORMERS! Yeaaahhh! i'm so looking forward to sunday...

guess all my anger & frustration just go away....