Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tawkey Wayang

Last evening went to watch theatre with mama. Nice show put up by Sri Warisan. The props n costume are perfect but definitely the theatre that i watched last year P. Ramlee the musical is much,much more better, can't beat that.

Later @ night i had long conversation with Lina. talk lots bout our wish n dreams of life. I hope she'll gets what she wants. Nway, what she said was true. I lost weight last year due to my TB. I was super skinny. I was happy then coz i loss so much weight to 55kg. My butt were small n i can easily wear S for my pants. But i was TOTALLY wrong. What i don't realise was that was my number 1 symptoms. Loss of appetite n loss of weight. n thats when i found a lump on my neck. Thought it was nothing. but getting bigger. still was ignorant bout it. Looking back i'm glad i listen to the ppl who cares bout my wellbeing. Though i had to go thru mentel torture of 6weeks waiting for the result,just to know its cancerous or not, i felt its worth waiting. Its only TB. N i'm glad its not in my lungs if not it'll cost my job.

It makes me all realise that my job IS dangerous if not taken well of. I can be infected with any disease thru my patients be it infectious or fatal. But then again, i love my job no matter what. No matter how sickening my patients or their relatives are. But at the end of the day, just 1 patient to say a simple thank you for me helping her/him pouring a glass of water will makes me happy n appreciated. N thats is enough for me. no need a compliment letter to have a green badge. Just a thank you will do.

Friday, March 27, 2009


Yesterday was the internal audit @ my ward. Everyone was running away quietly coz u can see the counters r damn empty.. Haha! Well thank God i manage to excape coz i need to find one stupid old notes of a patient for this stupid impatient doctor. Idiot He have the cheek to tell me he need to have his lunch first cos he hasn't eaten all morning & expect to have the notes back when he's back. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid! Wat bout me? I too hasn't eat the whole morning. I always thought patient & visitors expect the nurses n doctors to be robots. Now the DOCTOR himself expect us to be robots too!!! well, heck care...

Neway, yesterday was not my day. Had very bad migraine when bout finishing my work. Cont to trob till wanna sleep despite having Panadol Extra & Anarex. Now the trobbing still there but ok la.

Monday, March 23, 2009

1week of lazyness

Suddenly i have this habit to COMPILE my story of few days in one day.....

Well,my leave is nothing special. A week of nothing to do. Here goes my story...


Sent mama to ortho. checkup & most probly her op will be on 23April. Felt happy coz doc said mama can walk normally in bout 6weeks after op. Provided she has a strong will. Well mama is a strong woman. Not many people knows that. But sian coz i had plans ahead on the weekends. Its Ayang's Bdae b4 mama op day,tot spending whole day with him on 26th. Told ayang n he said can celebrate 1week b4 so i can look after mama after her op. SOOO SWEET... Love u dearie, Muaks!!!

19March - 20March

No events. Stay home n b lazy.




Had date with ayang. Went maulud @ Lina's house. Enjoyed it there. Miss joking & talking rubbish with her. Wish can stay longer but a date is a date. Been 1mth plus didn't meet him.
Everytime meeting ayang, i don't know why i became tachy n nervous. He never knew it. But i think he sense it coz he has the habit of looking straight into my eyes n not say a word. N d next moment he said he knows i be nervous when he did that. Glad our relationship still goes strong although we hardly meet.
Went Jurong Point survay the places. Then he drag me to Courts. We look around for home appliances as if we looking for things for our new home. A cute saleman came n show us the refrigerator, microwave & washing machine after learning that we 'JUST GOT MARRIED'. In the end ayang told him that we will come back later soz we need to THINK IT OVER 1st. We went out laughing. This is what i love bout him. He can play pranks with his super serious face. But never dared to do it on me.
Went home feeling EXTREMELY HAPPY after a whole day out with him.


Back to work. Missed work actually. But hate it coz its morning shif. N felt super duper tired n sleepy..

N oh yah! There's no internal audit last week cos most probly this week. Suckers! thought can excape for once. Shit,not a thing of jCI things in my head. Great Juli, Just great!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

A week of freedom!!!!

Yup is those week of happiness. No worrying oh hp ringing to come back to work. No thinking of which i/c i'm working with. No worrying of coming to work n think will i have F.O.N patients/relatives under my care. No thinking of my crazy Sisters come stalking my back to remember those JCI audits. Nthe WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL part is, i get to escape the INTERNAL AUDIT this whole week. WHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Crazy me. But enjoy it for once theres no need to think bout others but myself.

Well juli, enjoy it while you can... Peace!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Long time no BLOG!!!

Well let me summarise from 7may till today....

  • 7March

My off day. Its SATURDAY. No one ask me out. Ask any one. They don't want. Sian... stuck at home.

  • 8March

My ANOTHER off day. Its SUNDAY. I'm getting crazy. Weekends off. Not going out. Even wonderful BF went Muar with his parents. By 2pm begging mama to go out. End up ask mama eda family for early dinner. Enjoy it alot went having family gathering.

Well there goes my WEEKENDS off!!!

  • 9March

At last i think i appreciate working. Haha! Not i did not but what happen over the weekends. Before work Went to see my doctor for routine checkups. He felt the lumps n confirmed with me its shrunken LOTS. ECSTASY! He cuts down to 3meds now. Lesser torture for me. Next checkups in 2months time with blood test. I'm more worried of the blood test results than my lump getting smaller or not.

  • 10March

Off Day. Mama TCU to National Heart Centre. The Consultant hear mama heart n positive sound ok. But sent her for a "squeeze in" slot of a 2D Echo which only took 15min of waiting. BUT i had to wait a TORTURING of 1hour 40mins of waiting outside of the room!!! It was crazy. 2 Radiologist kept on coming in & out mama room then a doctor came in. He went out & in again twice. Was worried sick. Called mama eda. then rama called. Both asked me to just go in & ask the doctor. But although i'm a nurse myself i don't want to interfere their work. I understand if THERE'S REALLY SOMETHING WRONG, the doctor will come & approach me. But after waiting for soooo long,the doctor explain mama heart is bit weak. If possible rest alot. But positive she can continue the opertion I'm glad to hear that. i just want to get all these thing done. Mama go thru alot. So if it's done, she'll be happy for sure coz can walk per normal again.

  • 11 & 12 March

Work again Nil bad nor good things happen. Except of course STUPID patients/relatives dat do nothing but COMPLAINS... Shit them...!

  • FRIDAY the 13March

Morning shift. VERY BUSY. My WONDERFUL i/c is so F*****G Lazy. Y oh Y i always get the lazy ones? Isit I'm lazy until i DESERVE them?? Oh Hack care!! Just work lorrr!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy B'Day Kak hani & Ashik!

I was lazy. Lazy to update all of the sudden. My cuzzin Wedding that was last sun went a breeze though a handfull ask those irritating ques, I just play dumb. Nway i was super busy. The groom sister ask a favour to 'look after' the kueh, i grab the chance. Coz i wanna kill the time n was super bored. It was fun though. A couple of my niece n nephew helped me lots.

When i had nothing to do, i just sit n people watching. It came to my mind if those people who came, will ever come to my wedding?? I always wanted a simple n small wedding where ONLY my parents siblings, kids & grandkids invited. Close friends of mine, syawal & my parents too. It"ll be fun bcoz i know who is coming for my wedding. If i were to listen to my mum, i thing 3/4 of the people, i wont know who the hack they are!!!

Oh well, stop pondering Juli!!! Ur life is always been a script to be followed! Haikzz...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

28/2/09 (saturday)


Seriously coz all 1/2 of them do was to ask me the BONUS QUESTION. Wat isit? JULI BILA JULI PUNYA TURN? (juli wens ur turn?) JULI,SHIMA DAH NAK ADA NOMBOR 2, JULI BILA NAK KAWIN?(juli,shima coming to 2nd kid,wen u getting married?) JULI DAH ADA BOYFIEND?(juli u have bf already?). Suck big time!! It drag me to this kind of wedding. And the best part was my wonderful brother do is SMILE n LAUGH hearing all that comments.
Not that i'm being sensative but i just wish i can tell them off to just shut up n not to disturb my personal life. If i'm getting married, u ppl will be notify ryt? So shut up!!! But i cnt coz everyone there have this high respect on my rama(dad). He being the eldest son is suppose to be there for every weddings n functions. n we being his children, suppose to be the VERY good kids. Like, there suppose not to have any mistakes be known to them. If not my rama sure to have big embarraesment. So wat me n my bro do is to always keep a low profile of ourselves. Not dat we wanna be bad but its just we cant be ourselves ryt?
Well,in bout 10hours time,i'll be seeing them again. And pray hard they just ignore me completely.And the Best part, my wonderful bro is working n he kept on telling me good luck for tmr. thx hor little bro..!


Went out with colleagues to Sakuntala's. Me, Sukarti, Lina, Joanne, Jun & hubby, Sharan & wife & baby issac, Kak rul & daughter, Kak su & son, Sharifaridah, Dawn, Diana & BF and Sister Hoon. Hmmmm,how i wish ayang come. I love when ayang around when going out with my colleagues. Dono y. Mayb his precence make me feel complete.Alah emo plak aku ni... hahhahaha!
Nway, had n njoyable evening with them. Poor kak su,Rauf started to cry halfway. Sometimes i just wonder how my future child be like?
Baby issac was the centre of attraction that evening. though his parents were the ''SRAR KARAT'' all was forgiven after seeing him. He was passed around the table while his parents were eating. And he wasnt crying at all!!! Best kan!!! After LOTS of foto taking, chatting, GOSSIPING & laughing, we parted. Me n Lina took NEL to Outram n took cab from there coz we both tired n sleepy...
Hope we have more outing like this in future.. N hope ayang cn come next time round...