Wednesday, April 22, 2009

His 26th Bdae!!!!

Mama going for opration tmr. I just feel restless. I know she's scare but its the only way for her to cope with knees problem. It's my 1st time having mama "away" from home. When she's home, she'll be havig lots restriction in her everyday life until she's better in approximately 6-8 weeks. Well,thats what the surgeon told us. I dont know if i can cope. I mean, i'm 100% sure mama will get frustrated over lots of things she cnt do. I don't know if Syawal will ever be any help as wat he promised. Rama, i wonder if he will take leave 4 few days wen mama home. Mama ALWAYS has dis high expectation on me in looking after her after the op. & handling the wellbeing of the home. I don't want to dissappoint her but I don't want to pressure myself too. Its not dat i not working. I am. But......

Neway, Selamat Hari Lahir Sayang. Semoga hidup u selalu dirahmati & diberkati Allah. Thx for being a wonderful n understanding BF these 58ths. Though u can really annoy or make me angry at times.

Still I LOVE YOU...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

58th mth!!!!

Bump with Dr. Vincent Tan. He's nice enough to ask bout my wellbeing. He wants to know when i'm clear from TB. So sweeeeeet! Hehehe... Actually miss working with him. Nice chap. But can be damn irritating...

Now my beauty sleep time. Sweet dreams Juli....

And Happy 58th mths anniversary Ayang....

Monday, April 20, 2009

Special Day Part 2

Yesterday went celebrate ayang's bday in advance. this was how our day goes....

Went to Sakura buffet @ Orchard shopping centre. The food was so-so. But otherwise ok. we enjoyed trying out the food n PLAYING with the food. Hahaha!

Him, giving me a big smile!

This is wat i meant by playing with the food...

N this too...

Then we went to watch 2 fast 2 furious 4. I can just see ECTACY hewas when i told him we watching that movie. Its like, cars and racing is his life... After that off we went to Marina Barrage. Was super humid bcos theres no wind at all!!!

Photobucket Photobucket
We have eyes for each other, Only......

I'm loving him!

The day passed very fast. Without relising its night. Haizzzz.... When will we be meeting again. Miss u, Ayang....

Special Day part 1

On sat after sending syawal to werk, i brought mama to my fav spot. A spot tha'll always be in my heart. Tanjong rhu. Its just behind the Indoor stadium n overlook the bridge. Its my first time going there early in the morning. The scenery is magnificent! N if @ night, its calm N beautiful. N ROMANTIC. Azhar love to bring me there @ night. I have a dream. to have my main wedding picture with Azhar across the bridge. Its just beautiful. I really hope my dream comes true.. AMIN...

me n mama enjoying the view

mama hurrying me to snap bcoz of the morning sun. Haha!

mama posing

Condos @ Tanjong rhu. Mama says look lyk a toy houses.

The Bridge

Friday, April 17, 2009


Went out with nurul & sha. The fact is i'm plain bored @ home. So wen boden asked me out, i said yes straight away. On the way meeting them, i got a seat in the train. This middle age chinese woman kept staring @ me. She thinks wat? That i will give my seat? FAT HOPE! Y cnt she STARE at the ppl who seatting @ priority seat? Y me? IDIOT!!!

She told me,not everything. But i get the picture & understand it all. Life always never meant for happy endings. And i believe its not for nurul. Her happy ending, i know, will be so much better than what she ever dream of. Neway, i'm just happy dat u dah ada kata putus. Pity seeing u hanging. Hang on, Prince Charming is on the way!!! (hahahahahaha!)

Neway, had great day. Eating, movie (17again), hanging out @tcc & buying bdae pressie for my colleague. Should go out again some day.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hopes she speaks...

Just finished my last night shif. Its a relax week. Maybe coz its audit week. I dont noe.

Just read my cuzzin blog n saw her facebook profile. Without she telling me, I understands wat happened. Feel totally sad over wat happen. But still, I dont noe the whole story. So i cnt jump into conclusions. I understand y she doesnt wants me to noe. Wanted to ask but i scared she tinks other wise. The fact is i'm 1/2 crying now. I dont noe y. just sad, very sad.

Gerl, i STRONGLY believe ur a strong gerl. ur like a total mirror of ur mum, strong will n believe. Wateva it is u can make it though its hard.


Friday, April 10, 2009

Pressie, Pressie

Just started my perm nite last mon. Went smoothly. but had to do 3nites coz need to cover for my colleague on sunday nite. I dont know can tahan or not. But will try my best.

Next week gonna celebrate ayang bdae. I know he's been unhappy lately coz, lately, i've been going out frequently. Actually i went out to buy him his pressie. I wanna to celebrate his bdae in a way dat he enjoy it so much. Dat he forget his problems for just 1 day. Its hard, i know. But my heart just breaks wen everytime he tells his fear of his job.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Singles' Day Out!

Went out with group of my colleagues to Pastamania. First time ever all are SINGLE!!! No hubby, wifey, boyfy & kiddy. Except Sister Hoon brought her grandchild. Actually, I don't Feel like going out with ani one tonight. Just wanna go out n buy pressie for ayang then head home.

Nowadays i feel gloomy. Feel just wanna be alone. Without me relising, my mama told me i don't look happy sometime. Even Ayang said i gets angry quickly. But he always try his best to cool me off quickly too. I felt bad coz he himself having problem @ work. He always sound tired too. But he always make a point of calling me when he reaches hm from work & before he sleeps. He just told me last night that he feels comfort upon hearing my voice. Felt bad. Our relationship has gone thru ups & down but some how or rather, this is worst.

Just feeling scare. For our future, together. Maybe @ stalked too. Allah, please help us.....