Wednesday, April 22, 2009

His 26th Bdae!!!!

Mama going for opration tmr. I just feel restless. I know she's scare but its the only way for her to cope with knees problem. It's my 1st time having mama "away" from home. When she's home, she'll be havig lots restriction in her everyday life until she's better in approximately 6-8 weeks. Well,thats what the surgeon told us. I dont know if i can cope. I mean, i'm 100% sure mama will get frustrated over lots of things she cnt do. I don't know if Syawal will ever be any help as wat he promised. Rama, i wonder if he will take leave 4 few days wen mama home. Mama ALWAYS has dis high expectation on me in looking after her after the op. & handling the wellbeing of the home. I don't want to dissappoint her but I don't want to pressure myself too. Its not dat i not working. I am. But......

Neway, Selamat Hari Lahir Sayang. Semoga hidup u selalu dirahmati & diberkati Allah. Thx for being a wonderful n understanding BF these 58ths. Though u can really annoy or make me angry at times.

Still I LOVE YOU...

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