Friday, April 17, 2009


Went out with nurul & sha. The fact is i'm plain bored @ home. So wen boden asked me out, i said yes straight away. On the way meeting them, i got a seat in the train. This middle age chinese woman kept staring @ me. She thinks wat? That i will give my seat? FAT HOPE! Y cnt she STARE at the ppl who seatting @ priority seat? Y me? IDIOT!!!

She told me,not everything. But i get the picture & understand it all. Life always never meant for happy endings. And i believe its not for nurul. Her happy ending, i know, will be so much better than what she ever dream of. Neway, i'm just happy dat u dah ada kata putus. Pity seeing u hanging. Hang on, Prince Charming is on the way!!! (hahahahahaha!)

Neway, had great day. Eating, movie (17again), hanging out @tcc & buying bdae pressie for my colleague. Should go out again some day.

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