Saturday, April 4, 2009

Singles' Day Out!

Went out with group of my colleagues to Pastamania. First time ever all are SINGLE!!! No hubby, wifey, boyfy & kiddy. Except Sister Hoon brought her grandchild. Actually, I don't Feel like going out with ani one tonight. Just wanna go out n buy pressie for ayang then head home.

Nowadays i feel gloomy. Feel just wanna be alone. Without me relising, my mama told me i don't look happy sometime. Even Ayang said i gets angry quickly. But he always try his best to cool me off quickly too. I felt bad coz he himself having problem @ work. He always sound tired too. But he always make a point of calling me when he reaches hm from work & before he sleeps. He just told me last night that he feels comfort upon hearing my voice. Felt bad. Our relationship has gone thru ups & down but some how or rather, this is worst.

Just feeling scare. For our future, together. Maybe @ stalked too. Allah, please help us.....

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