Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tawkey Wayang

Last evening went to watch theatre with mama. Nice show put up by Sri Warisan. The props n costume are perfect but definitely the theatre that i watched last year P. Ramlee the musical is much,much more better, can't beat that.

Later @ night i had long conversation with Lina. talk lots bout our wish n dreams of life. I hope she'll gets what she wants. Nway, what she said was true. I lost weight last year due to my TB. I was super skinny. I was happy then coz i loss so much weight to 55kg. My butt were small n i can easily wear S for my pants. But i was TOTALLY wrong. What i don't realise was that was my number 1 symptoms. Loss of appetite n loss of weight. n thats when i found a lump on my neck. Thought it was nothing. but getting bigger. still was ignorant bout it. Looking back i'm glad i listen to the ppl who cares bout my wellbeing. Though i had to go thru mentel torture of 6weeks waiting for the result,just to know its cancerous or not, i felt its worth waiting. Its only TB. N i'm glad its not in my lungs if not it'll cost my job.

It makes me all realise that my job IS dangerous if not taken well of. I can be infected with any disease thru my patients be it infectious or fatal. But then again, i love my job no matter what. No matter how sickening my patients or their relatives are. But at the end of the day, just 1 patient to say a simple thank you for me helping her/him pouring a glass of water will makes me happy n appreciated. N thats is enough for me. no need a compliment letter to have a green badge. Just a thank you will do.

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