Friday, March 27, 2009


Yesterday was the internal audit @ my ward. Everyone was running away quietly coz u can see the counters r damn empty.. Haha! Well thank God i manage to excape coz i need to find one stupid old notes of a patient for this stupid impatient doctor. Idiot He have the cheek to tell me he need to have his lunch first cos he hasn't eaten all morning & expect to have the notes back when he's back. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid! Wat bout me? I too hasn't eat the whole morning. I always thought patient & visitors expect the nurses n doctors to be robots. Now the DOCTOR himself expect us to be robots too!!! well, heck care...

Neway, yesterday was not my day. Had very bad migraine when bout finishing my work. Cont to trob till wanna sleep despite having Panadol Extra & Anarex. Now the trobbing still there but ok la.

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