Friday, March 13, 2009

Long time no BLOG!!!

Well let me summarise from 7may till today....

  • 7March

My off day. Its SATURDAY. No one ask me out. Ask any one. They don't want. Sian... stuck at home.

  • 8March

My ANOTHER off day. Its SUNDAY. I'm getting crazy. Weekends off. Not going out. Even wonderful BF went Muar with his parents. By 2pm begging mama to go out. End up ask mama eda family for early dinner. Enjoy it alot went having family gathering.

Well there goes my WEEKENDS off!!!

  • 9March

At last i think i appreciate working. Haha! Not i did not but what happen over the weekends. Before work Went to see my doctor for routine checkups. He felt the lumps n confirmed with me its shrunken LOTS. ECSTASY! He cuts down to 3meds now. Lesser torture for me. Next checkups in 2months time with blood test. I'm more worried of the blood test results than my lump getting smaller or not.

  • 10March

Off Day. Mama TCU to National Heart Centre. The Consultant hear mama heart n positive sound ok. But sent her for a "squeeze in" slot of a 2D Echo which only took 15min of waiting. BUT i had to wait a TORTURING of 1hour 40mins of waiting outside of the room!!! It was crazy. 2 Radiologist kept on coming in & out mama room then a doctor came in. He went out & in again twice. Was worried sick. Called mama eda. then rama called. Both asked me to just go in & ask the doctor. But although i'm a nurse myself i don't want to interfere their work. I understand if THERE'S REALLY SOMETHING WRONG, the doctor will come & approach me. But after waiting for soooo long,the doctor explain mama heart is bit weak. If possible rest alot. But positive she can continue the opertion I'm glad to hear that. i just want to get all these thing done. Mama go thru alot. So if it's done, she'll be happy for sure coz can walk per normal again.

  • 11 & 12 March

Work again Nil bad nor good things happen. Except of course STUPID patients/relatives dat do nothing but COMPLAINS... Shit them...!

  • FRIDAY the 13March

Morning shift. VERY BUSY. My WONDERFUL i/c is so F*****G Lazy. Y oh Y i always get the lazy ones? Isit I'm lazy until i DESERVE them?? Oh Hack care!! Just work lorrr!

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  1. beb!!! it's MARCH lah dey! not MAY! jauh member gi....