Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy B'Day Kak hani & Ashik!

I was lazy. Lazy to update all of the sudden. My cuzzin Wedding that was last sun went a breeze though a handfull ask those irritating ques, I just play dumb. Nway i was super busy. The groom sister ask a favour to 'look after' the kueh, i grab the chance. Coz i wanna kill the time n was super bored. It was fun though. A couple of my niece n nephew helped me lots.

When i had nothing to do, i just sit n people watching. It came to my mind if those people who came, will ever come to my wedding?? I always wanted a simple n small wedding where ONLY my parents siblings, kids & grandkids invited. Close friends of mine, syawal & my parents too. It"ll be fun bcoz i know who is coming for my wedding. If i were to listen to my mum, i thing 3/4 of the people, i wont know who the hack they are!!!

Oh well, stop pondering Juli!!! Ur life is always been a script to be followed! Haikzz...

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