Monday, March 23, 2009

1week of lazyness

Suddenly i have this habit to COMPILE my story of few days in one day.....

Well,my leave is nothing special. A week of nothing to do. Here goes my story...


Sent mama to ortho. checkup & most probly her op will be on 23April. Felt happy coz doc said mama can walk normally in bout 6weeks after op. Provided she has a strong will. Well mama is a strong woman. Not many people knows that. But sian coz i had plans ahead on the weekends. Its Ayang's Bdae b4 mama op day,tot spending whole day with him on 26th. Told ayang n he said can celebrate 1week b4 so i can look after mama after her op. SOOO SWEET... Love u dearie, Muaks!!!

19March - 20March

No events. Stay home n b lazy.




Had date with ayang. Went maulud @ Lina's house. Enjoyed it there. Miss joking & talking rubbish with her. Wish can stay longer but a date is a date. Been 1mth plus didn't meet him.
Everytime meeting ayang, i don't know why i became tachy n nervous. He never knew it. But i think he sense it coz he has the habit of looking straight into my eyes n not say a word. N d next moment he said he knows i be nervous when he did that. Glad our relationship still goes strong although we hardly meet.
Went Jurong Point survay the places. Then he drag me to Courts. We look around for home appliances as if we looking for things for our new home. A cute saleman came n show us the refrigerator, microwave & washing machine after learning that we 'JUST GOT MARRIED'. In the end ayang told him that we will come back later soz we need to THINK IT OVER 1st. We went out laughing. This is what i love bout him. He can play pranks with his super serious face. But never dared to do it on me.
Went home feeling EXTREMELY HAPPY after a whole day out with him.


Back to work. Missed work actually. But hate it coz its morning shif. N felt super duper tired n sleepy..

N oh yah! There's no internal audit last week cos most probly this week. Suckers! thought can excape for once. Shit,not a thing of jCI things in my head. Great Juli, Just great!!!

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