Sunday, March 1, 2009


Went out with colleagues to Sakuntala's. Me, Sukarti, Lina, Joanne, Jun & hubby, Sharan & wife & baby issac, Kak rul & daughter, Kak su & son, Sharifaridah, Dawn, Diana & BF and Sister Hoon. Hmmmm,how i wish ayang come. I love when ayang around when going out with my colleagues. Dono y. Mayb his precence make me feel complete.Alah emo plak aku ni... hahhahaha!
Nway, had n njoyable evening with them. Poor kak su,Rauf started to cry halfway. Sometimes i just wonder how my future child be like?
Baby issac was the centre of attraction that evening. though his parents were the ''SRAR KARAT'' all was forgiven after seeing him. He was passed around the table while his parents were eating. And he wasnt crying at all!!! Best kan!!! After LOTS of foto taking, chatting, GOSSIPING & laughing, we parted. Me n Lina took NEL to Outram n took cab from there coz we both tired n sleepy...
Hope we have more outing like this in future.. N hope ayang cn come next time round...

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