Thursday, February 26, 2009

Another ordeal....

I was unable to update of wats happening yesterday bcoz i was sooooo tired n sleeeeepy. This was wat happened...

Right after werk, i waited mama n rama @ sgh blk 3 for mama PET(pre admission test). After registration, i followed mama 2 every test & xray she needed to go. Finally after 2hrs plus of walking around the hospital, we waited to see the Anaesthetist.
Again need to wait for Gods know when. And finally is mama turn. The doctor kept on asking mama if she has heart prob. My heart doesn't feel right. I know coz wen the doctor in my ward ask the same question over n over again,that means something not right.
So after hearing her heart MANY MANY times, he finally said the op must be postponed. We were quite shocked. He explained that my mum needed to see cardio doctors ASAP. Most probably Heart Murmur. I know its not that dangerous but the doctor said chances of that mama having heart failure/attack is higher during the operation table. Mama was so sad that she cried. I hate seeing her cry like that. It makes me wanna cry too. But i have to be strong for her coz i know she has high hopes on me getting thru these ordeal.
Ya Allah, y must mama go thru this???
Well i don't know wat came thru my mind. The first thing i reach home, i called my BF. I cried my hearts out. i keep on telling him dat i'm scared i'm not strong enough for all this. he came an idea of asking his mum to come over n have a talk with mama. I find it sweet of him but i not sure mama agreed or not. Well we see how.

That was what happened yesterday........

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