Sunday, March 1, 2009

28/2/09 (saturday)


Seriously coz all 1/2 of them do was to ask me the BONUS QUESTION. Wat isit? JULI BILA JULI PUNYA TURN? (juli wens ur turn?) JULI,SHIMA DAH NAK ADA NOMBOR 2, JULI BILA NAK KAWIN?(juli,shima coming to 2nd kid,wen u getting married?) JULI DAH ADA BOYFIEND?(juli u have bf already?). Suck big time!! It drag me to this kind of wedding. And the best part was my wonderful brother do is SMILE n LAUGH hearing all that comments.
Not that i'm being sensative but i just wish i can tell them off to just shut up n not to disturb my personal life. If i'm getting married, u ppl will be notify ryt? So shut up!!! But i cnt coz everyone there have this high respect on my rama(dad). He being the eldest son is suppose to be there for every weddings n functions. n we being his children, suppose to be the VERY good kids. Like, there suppose not to have any mistakes be known to them. If not my rama sure to have big embarraesment. So wat me n my bro do is to always keep a low profile of ourselves. Not dat we wanna be bad but its just we cant be ourselves ryt?
Well,in bout 10hours time,i'll be seeing them again. And pray hard they just ignore me completely.And the Best part, my wonderful bro is working n he kept on telling me good luck for tmr. thx hor little bro..!

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