Sunday, July 19, 2009

wah! very long time didnt update. last wk (10/7/09) bbq celebrate my bro bdae at ecp.

boring days.

yesterday my plan really cockup! i was really at d verge of crying wen my mum force me to jb. not dat i dont wana go but mama know very well i m going out. i've been planning n looking forward the whole week to see him n its been ruin. yes i get to meet him but both of us in totally bad mood. it was a terribleday for me. n him.

seriously, i've dont want to HOPE, BELIEVE & TRUST wateva i plan. EVEN in getting marry,i dont want to. so wat. i dont even bother wateva ppl comment bout me nmore. THEY dont know wats lyk to be ME.


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