Friday, September 18, 2009

one more day to raya. wat do i really feel actually?

i think, i'll missed the time where my family sit n buka/sahur together. the small talks n jokes makes us together. though syawal at times not around, i feel happy when he does. n though if can be sooooo irritating n annoying, i think i'll miss it when one day i need to step out of the house. azhar ever told me he not in habit of wake up for sahur. so i guess this is one of the pointer dat i miss.

i miss atok...Takbir always makes me cry. cry for atok. he would always give duit raya as early as the night of raya. the kisses on my cheek n ask me be a good gerl. the smile on him every time we took foto together on raya. missed that. very very much.. LOVE U ATOK...

i guess thats wat i'll missed. the most...

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