Sunday, August 23, 2009

2nd day of fasting. time flies.

last wed (29/8/09) my grandaunt(nek ngah) passed away. i do feel sad. cried abit when her kids n grandkids cried non stop. felt proud of mama coz she held to clean the body wen the rest feel so down to do anything. looking at her for the last time make me recalled my 2 late grandfathers.

1. Atok Amat (mama side) who passed away in 2005, 5days before Aidilfitri. remembered how i cant controlmy tears. so sad. all crying. my heart breakseeing his mother kissing his forehead n not quite sure wats happening due to dementia. n my grandma who lost a husband for 2nd time(he's my stepgranddad. but we see him as our own granddad).

2. Atok Uban (rama dad). He passed away when i was 14yrs old, in 1997. till this very day, the thought of him make me wanna cry n at times cry! n till now i miss him terribly. i wish he still around to see me n my bro be nurse/policeman. a job that all his life know that, thats our ambition. i strongly believe that he be so proud of both of us. I MISS YOU ATOK UBAN... :'''(

Semoga Allah mencucuri roh ATOK UBAN, ATOK AMAT & NEK NGAH... Amin...

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