Friday, June 19, 2009


had 3 weddings invitation actually. but went for 2only. also,had a shitty start wen mtg ayang. until now,

i still had to do the same old stupid routine before mtg ayang. i need to watch my words not to make him angry. sometimes i just wonder ever he understand what i'm going thru @ home? is like i'm always the ONE to please ppl i love. y i'm always be the ONE to bear their hurtfull words. n y i always be the ONE to say SORRY when i know exectly i'm not in the wrong? i've been crying alone most of the time. WHATEVER! i don't bloody care how i feel nmore.

back to my story. ya, had a shitty start. but he make me smile at the end of our date. as usual. he bought me a sunglasses for my driving. its burburry. my fav. BUT is just a cheap one. BUT i don't really care. his toughts really matter to me. he knows i have a very sensative eyes. cant get to much sun to my eyes. LOVE YOU AYANG. well after the weddings we went 'sightseeing'. then head home.

our 5TH YR ANNIVERSARY coming... just want something FROM him n i just wanna do something FOR him..

love you ayang!

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