Tuesday, June 30, 2009

ok ok. its a very long time i didnt blog. 1 reason? i'm feeling superduper lertargic the whole of last week. its so bz last week that i totally have no time to munch or drink a cup of water! admissions, callbells(y they cnt juz sleep!), patients going senile every single nite n need to pin them down to restrain, & sending 1st cases to OT(i hate sending 1st case coz the trolley tend to come 5min b4 0730!!!)


whtever it is theres a BIG reason for me to still SMILE. its BONUS week last thurs!!! so happy!! having plans oredi in my head. will update once i accomplish it all.


ok. y do i kept on keeping wats inside me. i keep on feeling hurt n despair. my parents, becoming more sensative. i REALLY have to watch i'm saying or do. my bro? i dont no wat his thinking at tyms. his EGO is forever bigger than his head! my bf? his weekends is totally in jb. so DAMN hard to talk to him now. when get a chance to talk,he'll be tired or no mood. N I ALSO D ONE WILL HAVE TO WATCH I'M SAYING! i feel like crying everyday. i wanna to shop badly. that also hard. i wanna to please myself for ONCE but end up i'm pleasing others. i told my bf that i wanna watch TRNSFORMERS n he told me see 1st. watseh!

i feeling damn shitty n stupid n dumb n idiot.

y am i complaing? m i always a complain bitch?

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