Friday, June 5, 2009

one week later..Again...

this week's night,we start off converting our room 11,which is a female room, to a male room. n guess wat? once we converted, admission comes w/o stopping! i felt like n idiot doing d orientation from bed 1 to bed 5,repeating the same old words. then we pushed 2 patient out to our nurses' counter. 1 was noisy n the other is confused. then one patient of HB of 5.8 in need to transfuse blood urgently.

ok,that was 1st night,

2nd night,transfuse blood again!

3rd night, transfuse FFP & blood!

last night, a 106year old confused Ah Kong! n he pulled out his urine catheter which causing some blood to spatter @ him. we pushed him to the nurses' counter.

well,wat a week,full of confused patient n transfusing of blood. but at least it kept me going n not sleepy. i do enjoy when i bz. makes me think n always improve my skill & knowledge.

wonder what awaits for me next week...<3

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