Saturday, June 13, 2009

looking forward

this weeknight was terrible. each week getting busier n busier. i dont know if i can tahan till end of the year working perm night. if not bcoz of $$ i wouldnt want to werk perm night. is like 85% of my social life is been taken away. having weekend off is not as wonderful as what most ppl would think. when weekend comes, i HAVE to adjust my sleep like normal ppl. sometimes i feel so tired n sleepy in d day but wide as an owl at night. some ppl just dont get it. i ALWAYS try my level best. i HAVE to drink coffee 2x on sat n sun if i'm going out just to make myself awake. but my body will feel very lethargic.

today i'l meeting my buddies. and all 5 will be there! for surelots of new story from each one of us. so excited.....!

and tomorrow,3 weddings. 1sec sch frn, 1 ite frn n 1 ex colleague(shes working in another ward now). but the most exciting one is going for my sec sch frn's wedding. coz MOST of my ex schmate will be there! secsch is the most trasured moments ofmy teenage life. so each one of them has an impact in me, either small or big. so meeting them tomorrow is as exciting as we were in sch time. lots of changes for sure.

till then..

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