Monday, May 11, 2009

HUGS please!!!!

I cnt sleep. Just an hour ago i felt very sleepy. But now, not nemore.

I've been thinking lots. My state ryt now, my future. ppl see me as a happy go lucky person. Jokes n smile always. But lately, i've been keeping tings to myself. I felt dat others round me have their own probs so y must i bother them with mine? (my bf will blow the top wen he found out this.) I felt secure pouring my feelings here. Y i'm lyk this nowadays? I felt that i becoming a boring person.

When my friends msgs me, it took hours or even the next day for me to respond. Is like i don't even borther anymore. I feel lazy all the time. My off days are now practically at home, eithet lazy to go out or i not allowed to but its always the 2nd one. 4 things dat dat i would do: do chaos, eat(dats y i've been putting on weight), eat chocolates(4 my stress) & sleep(like always i still feel tired upon waking up).

Do i need to see a psychiatrist?

At this very moment, all i want so much is, a BIG, LONG HUG from my dearest. Cos everytime he did dat i feels so relax & so safe.

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