Thursday, May 7, 2009

i'm tired

i'm having migraine for the past week. More likely since mama op. I'm so dead tired. My sleep never a deep one. Is like i need to be always cautious during sleep. I've been sleeping in the living rm after werk. Like i say its nt deep though i woke up bit late, there's always these sharp pain on my right temple. I've becoming hot tempered towards all around me except whoever staying under one roof as me. Is like i bottled it at home n burst it outside my home. Anyone gets my way will be the "scape goat". My WONDERRFUL brother isnt any help at all. My parents so depending on me like i'm their only child.

Not that i dont like to help mama or complaining to anyone. I love my parents n syawal very much. How much they hurt my feelings till i tear. I LOVE THEM. But i always pray syawal will help some bits at home. Gain my parents trust again. I'm not alone. What if i'm married n they dont trust him? I'll have my own new commitment. Sometime i'm just thinking twice bout getting married.

I'm just typing my hearts out coz i noe other ppl has his/her problem to listen to mine.

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