Saturday, May 16, 2009

Janji seorang anak

that's wat it means. Right after i reached home yesterday,mama already watching this drama. its about this child promises his mother that their family will be better off once he finishes his studies from the university. but while he was away,his promises all died and he lied to his girlfrn that his mom is dead when he was small. he married her w/o his family know. how can any child did all these to his family, more likely to his own mother who has high hopes on him? in the end he died in a very shameful way. his body turn very smelly and maggots were seen coming out from his sudden rotten feets and mouth. its grossed,yes. but its away of ALLAH telling us that we sholdnt be rude or making our mom s angry.
to us,Muslims, we believe no matter who we children, esp. sons must be loyal and give our utmost respect to our parents,with priority to moms as they had to go thru hard time carrying us during pregnancy,sacrifice their live giving birth to us and caring and discipline us while growing up.
the sentence that out PROPHET MUHAMMAD ever told us is HEAVEN IS BENEATH OUR MOTHER'S FEET. that means our road to heaven is through our loyalty,caring,love and respect to our mothers. ALLAH will be angry if we make our mother sad or cry. ALLAH will happy when we make our mothers happy or smile.

Yesterday me,besties n her lessie( hehehe tats wat she called shasha) went to IKEA. frankly speaking i was so lazy. but wen i met them my tiredness just go. had a great time. we bought mama small stool and pillow to elevate her feet which now became swollen. then off to TM. went to eat sushi that goes rond the belt. its my first and their 2nd time. was fun. blanja them coz they really make my day, then went small shopping. bought dress and a cardigan. spent alot. so i think i am left with less than a week to payday. but its ok. its kind of reliving my stress level too. hahaha!

Thx gerls for making my day....
now i'm alone again.

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